Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Cast

Willem Kruger is the consummate Professional Soldier. Of Boer stock, he comes from a long line of military tradition. When his father returned to South Africa after World War Two, he married and moved his young family to Rhodesia and began farming. Willem grew up on the farm and spent most of his free time in the bush tracking animals and hunting. He learned the Art of Tracking from one of his father's Shona employees.

Rhodesia began to enter a time of travails after declaring independence from Britain. Communist insurgents backed by China and Russia started to invade the country in a Chimurenga, a Shona word for Revolutionary Struggle. At the helm of this struggle were the tyrant's Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. They believed that they were to reclaim the land and its wealth from the white colonists. Rhodesia's wealth resided in its agricultural wealth. They were the breadbasket of Africa. First priority for the Terrorists was the Farmer. Attacks on quiet, productive Farmers spread through the country. Soon, the Kruger's became victims. The Terr's attacked and murdered Willem's family. It was only happenstance that Willem escaped. He had went to visit relatives in Salisbury. At sixteen years of age, his life was forever altered.

With revenge in his heart he joined the Rhodesian Army with his uncles permission. At seventeen, he graduated the School of Infantry and was posted to a Commando unit, participating in Fire Force operations in the last two years of the war. Still just a boy, he earned the respect of the men around him. Once the United States and Great Britain had handed the reins of power to Robert Mugabe, he left for South Africa like many other Rhodesians.

The South African Army accepted him with open arms and he became earned a commission and a place in the 44th Parachute Brigade, fighting the war against the communists in Angola. His combat record and aggressiveness in the field caught many peoples attention. He refused to be promoted to a staff position in order to be in the field with his men. He was recruited to try out for another unit. The Recces were the eyes and ears of the Army. They penetrated deep into enemy held territory and often times took Direct Action. They could never rely on air power because of the distance away from the front lines. He resigned his commission when the New South Africa began slashing personnel from special forces units.

Disgusted with politicians he resigned his commission and tried policing for a short while. Finding that policing was not for him, he resigned. Shortly thereafter the constant changing tides of Africa presented him with an opportunity to Soldier again. He entered the world of Private Military Companies. Working in Angola and Sierra Leone, he was able to put his years of training into a righteous cause and earn a substantial amount of money.

After the dissolution of the outfit he worked for he remained in Sierra Leone doing more work for the government. Here he met his future wife in a refugee camp for the UN. She was revolted by the idea that he might be a mercenary as much as he was revolted by the United Nations. Both coming from Farming families, they found some common ground and a romance evolved into marraige.

Fed up with War and endless corruption and conflict in Africa, he immigrated to the United States with his wife and new son. They bought her fathers farm in Kansas. He had no fear of his land being overrun with Terrorists and took on a new phase of his life.

9/11 changed the world forever. Struggling to pay the bills on a small family farm, men like him were more in demand than ever. A company called Security and Logistics Enterprises contacted him with work that he was more than qualified for. A month's work would secure the farm for a year. He struggled with returning to his profession, as he had found peace and contentment.

Yet, with the tools of his trade, he can make the world a better place and earn money doing what few men could. Willem Kruger is the ultimate Professional Soldier.

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