Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cast pt. 2

Juan 'Salvo' Salvador is the enigmatic 2IC of Task Force Intrepid. Brought to America from Southern Mexico by his parents in the 1970's, he crossed the Rio Grande, holding his father's hand, who hoped for a better life in America. Living a life of secrets began early on. They made it to Houston to live with Family members while Mom and Dad worked low wage jobs and hoping to one day become Americans. He spoke no English and learned English the hard way. He had a cover story that went with him everywhere. The family got by living lies and buying false documents. Though the hardships were numerous, he fought on.

Then in his senior year of high school, 1986, the inspiring President Ronald Reagan declared amnesty for illegal aliens. The family waited in lines for days to get their documents from INS. They no longer lived the lie. The first thing that Salvo did after becoming a Legal Permanent Resident was walk into a US Army recruiting office. He wanted to show his appreciation and dedication to his country. It was all he knew. He was determined to become an Airborne Ranger. With his superior athletic ability and raw determination to prove that he loved his country he dedicated himself to the Army on duty and off.

He saw action in Panama, Desert Storm, and Somalia. Moving up the chain he volunteered to for the Special Forces. With his language abilities and aptitude for all things military, he found his calling in life. He was heavily utilized as an advisor to the growing war against Narco Terrorism in Colombia and other South American countries. He was encouraged to try out for the elite of the elite. Delta Force.

He became part of a compartmentalized section of Delta whose sole purpose was to hunt down and kill Drug Lords and their associates all over the world. The mountains and jungles of South America became his home for 10 years. Often times working out of uniform, he risked it all to take down enemies of the United States.

After his retirement in 2006 he was offered a position as an officer in the CIA's Special Activites Division. Still mindful of his family, he decided that it was more lucrative to join the world of Private Military Companies. A company called Security and Logistics Enterprises recruited him to continue his services to the Government of Colombia for training and hunting Narco Terrorists and Left Wing guerrillas like FARC. This job allowed him more freedom and alot more money than being on the US governments payroll.

Although in his 40's, Salvo, is married to his work half of the year and the other half is spent breaking the hearts of Latino women worldwide. He is as comfortable in a club as he is chasing armed men through the jungle.

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