Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Gold of Katanga

The Gold of Katanga is the first in a series of Military/Men's Adventure novels that deal with the shadowy world of Private Militaries. Deep in the Heart of Africa lies the darkness and war torn nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The epicenter of the of untold mineral wealth and war on a scale not seen since World War Two, anything goes. From the Billionaire investors who mine its riches to the small warlords hell bent on killing, raping and savaging anything in their way.

It is here that Katanga Resources finds new deposits of Gold. With the world currency devaluing by the day, Gold is perhaps the most coveted mineral that Warlords can easily trade for weapons and more power. An unknown Rebel Group has seized two new mines owned by KR, Inc. They show no mercy and kill to the last man. Along with the seizures of the mines, this group has kidnapped a group of missionaries and doctors hoping for a large ransom.

The Congolese Army, corrupt and ineffectual with a President not interested in the fates of two small mines and a few westerners will not commit to putting down the Rebels. The UN is drawing down and has no interest in going on the offensive.

With no other alternative, KR, Inc. turn to Security and Logistics Enterprises, Worldwide. A Private Military Company that works in Hot Spots that angels fear to tread. A contract is set to recover the mines and a bonus will be paid for the rescue of the missionaries. SLE's compartmentalized High Risk Unit is called for the job. A unique group of warriors who specialize in Africa and South America take the fight to the Rebels with the skill and professionalism that only comes with a lifetime of experience.

Going to war against an unknown entity, they are pushed to their limit as soldiers and as men. Not for the faint of heart, join Task Force Intrepid in their inaugural mission to deliver justice with Speed, Aggression and Violence of Action.

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