Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Highway to Hell FREE April 7 and 8

Get on board and get your FREE copy of the new Novella.

Task Force Intrepid is the exciting new series chronicalling the new geneartion of warfare led by Professional Soldiers. Men who fight for their food, shunning the world of 9 to 5. For many, it’s the only life they have ever known. Set across Africa’s chaotic rebel uprisings and wars for profit, South African Willem Kruger leads his men into battle. This band of warriors does the work that no one else can or will do.

After the first in the trilogy, Task Force Intrepid: The Gold of Katanga, this new set of Novellas look deep into the past of Willem Kruger. From the battlefields of Rhodesia and Angola to the constantly changing regimes of West Africa, the past comes alive with little known wars and uprisings and characters that will literally keep you up at night.

In Highway To Hell, the year is 2003 and the worlds attention is focused on Afghanistan and Iraq. In the West African country of Liberia, Charles Taylor has been raping and plundering to the point that the United States has demanded his departure from the country to face his War Crimes. Holding tightly to his base of power in Monrovia, a Rebel group has control of two thirds of the country and is crying for help to finish Taylor off.

With the American public not interested in setting foot in another war, especially one in Africa, Security and Logistics Enterprises, Worldwide is offered a contract by Bentz Exploration to provide Security for their mining operation in Northern Liberia. With deep and long connections to power players in the U.S. Government, it’s clear that there is one man perfectly suited to provide Security to Bentz by helping the Rebels organize a push south from Tubmanburg and into Monrovia.

Appearing to be an easy job for Kruger and his associates, things quickly turn for the worse. With three decades of war under his belt, a little kink in the plans opens up an opportunity to drive headlong down the Highway to Hell.

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