Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PRIMAL Unleashed by Jack Silkstone

I have just finished and reviewed Jack Silkstones PRIMAL UNLEASHED. awsome work

I am a writer and reader of all things military. Fiction, non Fiction, memoir down to field manuals on WW2 artillery pieces. I was fortunate enough to make the authors acquaintance through a couple of chats before I read the book. There are many people who have jumped on the Hadji hunting bandwagon due to the GWOT and some are great, others just trying to cash in on the current subject of the day.

I am a natural skeptic and even as a self published author, I find the quality of self published authors to be very low. But the idea behind the book intrigued me. I had always wondered what could happen if elite operators from the worlds special forces ever banded together for operations out from under the cloak of a nation state. I had often thought a rogue special forces unit would become tremendous bank robbers.:)

The book opens shortly into a scene near and dear to me as a writer and person. Issues in Africa. I was gratified immensely by Bishop dealing some justice and flipping the bird to the UN. One thing that makes this book successful is it is user friendly. If you have ever been bogged down in a Clancy diatribe about a firing pin on some exotic rifle or the programming logic behind a super duper computer, you will feel my pain in wondering 'OK, does this mean anything to the story?'

Mr. Silkstone has made his book user friendly by adding search functions for equipment and other things that allow you to pop right up to the pertinent information to set the scene without interrupting the flow of the story. This is a simple yet revolutionary thing to do with Ebooks. Well played, sir.

The story is written in increments that are easily digested but in no way cuts into the depth of the story. Two teams operate under an incredibly run and conceptualized nerve center to dig up the past and bring us into the future. The book flows as well as the SEAL team that flowed into the compound to take out Osama Bin Laden. This writer has the goods of any other mainstream publisher. I wont give away any more of the plot line. For the price, I'll let you get your money's worth 10x over. I have a heads up from his website on the plot for the next adventure and I CANT WAIT.

D.R. Tharp Author of Task Force Intrepid:The Gold of Katanga and TFI Highway to Hell.

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